Diets Suck!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Well first off diets suck! Which I think a good amount of people will agree with me on that! However I did lose 9 pounds in 4 days and that my friends make the whole dieting thing a little better!
How I've done it so far was that I did the Military Diet for three days and now since thats done I am just eating a lot smaller portions and mostly fresh and healthy foods. I try to stay away from frozen/ pre packaged foods. I honestly already feel so much better and have way more energy!

I haven't had the chance to start working out but my goal is to either go to the gym (which I hate doing) or workout at home. A few days ago I purchased an exercise ball and I wanted to try a few at home workouts that I saw on Pinterest.... I'll post them below incase anyone else is interested in them.

That is just a few of my at home workout pins that I have on my Fit and Healthy board. Hope this helps give anyone ideas of things to do at home because if your like me after work you do not feel like going to the gym! 

Is anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I'm not! I am just relaxing at home and being lazy since brenden is at the range all weekend. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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