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Married and Florida Vacation!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Last Thursday morning (very early, like 5:30 am!) we left for Florida. We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale around noon and went to check in at the hotel. We stayed at the Wyndham Grand in Deerfield Beach (which a little background story to the hotel is that my family has been staying at the same hotel for Easter for around 33 years, give or take a few). Anyways after we checked in we dropped off our bags and headed to the courthouse! Once we arrived at the courthouse it only took us an hour or so to get our marriage license and get married! Yes we are still having our big wedding in the winter but we have heard a lot of rumors about possible deployments and we decided lets just go ahead and get married now while we are on vacation! So that is what we did!

That night and the rest of the trip we decided was to relax and do nothing at all! Since we are always nonstop because of work we wanted to enjoy our time off (since we never get a break from work) and just be lazy!

Thursday night we decided to take a nap after we got back to the hotel (since we got up at 3:30 that morning) and once we woke up we got sushi at Sushi Song in Deerfield.

Friday my parents got to the hotel and we went to lunch at The Whale's Rib and I got conch fritters and stone crab claws and Brenden got a tuna salad sandwich and all of the food was very good! Then we laid at the pool all day (I HATEEE the sand so I refuse to go to the beach, but the pool is my best friend!) and went to Two George's at the Cove for dinner. I got their shrimp scampi pasta and I absolutely loved it! I truly thing that was the best meal I had on the trip!

Saturday we once again laid at the pool all day and then went to dinner at Carrabba's with my parents and a family that we have been very close with for over 25 years. Their two kids are Brenden and my age and I have grown up with them ever since we were born so it was nice that Brenden got a chance to meet them and he ended up having such a great time! It made me feel great because the one boy I grew up with is in the Navy so Brenden and him talked about military stuff all night long!

Sunday we went to sunrise service on the beach for Easter. This is something that my family does every year for Easter. It has always been a special tradition for us. I was able to get some really pretty sunrise pictures over the ocean. After that we had breakfast at the hotel and then relaxed at the pool all day since it was our last full day in Florida.

So Sunday night we packed everything and we headed back home on Monday morning. I am already regretting leaving Florida because since we got back last night it has rained all day today and this morning my computer crashed at work so we have to buy a new one. That's what happens when you leave your business for a couple days I guess! haha.

What did all of you do for Easter?

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March 2015 Insta-Recap!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Last month I started doing a Insta-Recap of the month, which means I took all of the photos I posted on Instagram and shared them with you. Some I added little comments to and others I did not. I received feedback from a few girls saying that the loved it and I decided I'm going to do it again! Why not, I mean I had a blast the first time!? I hope all of you enjoy! I didn't really post that many pictures this month!

I seriously have a problem/obsession with West Elm...

I ordered my wedding dress at the beginning of the month!
Now I just have to wait till October for it to come in!

My little Maci girl. She was so sleepy this day and she just
sat in the car staring out the front window and never
moved a muscle the whole car ride to work! Haha!

I just love my girls!

On March 14th it was my 1 year sober anniversary and I 
have had a lot of hard times and struggles this year but I
also have had an amazing year and I am so lucky because
I never would of had a great year if I was using still.

I made chicken lettuce wraps and they were delicious!

We started painting the entryway, and living room gray!


While Brenden had my car at the unit I got to drive the
big truck all weekend! :)

My Easter tree and decorations

Bought new curtains to match our living room (excuse the
mess from us painting).

Well that is my Insta-Recap of March! Hope you enjoyed and follow me on Instagram!

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