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Hi everyone! I am a twenty-something, who loves God, reading books, and spending time with family and friends. I am an owner of an auto salvage yard, and a huge animal lover who grew up on a farm, which I hope to own one myself in the future. I have two fur babies, Maci and Peyton. I hope to one day be involved in running or helping a 4-H group in my area (since I was in 4-H myself growing up, but in a different area than I live now). Also I am a huge sports fan! I love watching sports and playing them. I started this blog to push myself to make more time from my busy work schedule and to be able to enjoy the things I love, making arts and crafts, cooking, and decorating/ remodeling my home. I also plan on blogging about my day to day life, my two crazy puppies, and about my husband, Brenden. Hope you stay and get to know us!
My wonderful husband, Brenden is a mechanic in the National Guard, he has been in for two years now and yes there are some difficult times by him being in the Army but he loves it and I am so proud of my soldier! He was a volunteer fire fighter but quit when he joined the Army but since we just moved and there is a fire department close to our house he is looking into it again. Besides being in the Army he works with me at the salvage yard. Working together gets frustrating at times but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Our fur babies!
Maci is a 4 year old Red Heeler, and Peyton is a Blue Heeler and she is not even a year old yet.
They love playing with toys, running around the yard or my family's farm, and going on car rides. They love just going with us when we have to run errands and they are completely content guarding the car while we are inside somewhere. They also go to work with us so they are our "junk yard pups". There is nothing better when they want puppy cuddles at night!

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