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Happy Birthday MACI!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

My little Maci girl is 5 years old! I seriously cannot believe it! She will always be my little puppy! This year we didn't do anything exciting for her birthday and honestly we weren't home for it, so the next day we gave her a big bone, a new collar, and some treats. All of which I do not have pictures of.

For her birthday I figured I would post pictures of the last five wonderful years with my little shadow.

This was from when she was around 1 and still hadn't grown into her ears yet lol

I seriously cannot believe it has been five years since I got her, I still remember that day like it was yesterday (I know some of you might think I'm crazy but she is like my best friend and kid)! She has been with me through so much these last five years. Like my first year of college away from home, moving into our old house, meeting, and approving of, Brenden, getting a new sister for her, moving into our new home, and helping get ready for her new human sister here in a few months!

Happy birthday little girl, I cannot wait to share many more years and birthday's with you!

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